A two-day OpenSpace unConference

An immersive two-day exploration, inspired by the Internet Identity Workshop™ diving deep into the world of digital identity. We dispense with traditional keynotes, and engage in authentic collaborations through a co-created agenda. Examine the intricate facets of identity: people, organisations, and even the journey of products. Connect, track, support, and cross boundaries. Investments in standards, protocols, and systems find tangible applications here. Discover, Learn, Collaborate.

This is a participatory two days and it's all about exploring the agenda topics with professional peers from a range of identity areas. Like the Internet Identity Workshop, we will co-create the agenda together live each morning. The Open Space UnConference process will be professionally facilitated by Heidi Nobantu Saul and Kaliya (Identity Woman) Young.

Once agenda creation is complete there will be a full Agenda Wall of sessions posted, each with the time and place it will occur. Session topics are not voted on and all sessions put forth by participants at the start of each day will take place. Sessions are run as breakouts and attended by those who want to attend. There will be 5 session time slots a day, each with multiple concurrently running sessions.

When people register we have asked that they list potential topics of interest to them, you can see the growing list of potential topics here . However, nothing is decided until the day of the event and all topics are welcome at that time.

Through dozens of sessions, lunches, a welcome dinner and a pre-event networking reception, provided by our generous sponsors (all included in the ticket), participants have plenty of opportunities to exchange ideas and make new professional connections. The Open Space UnConference format is perfect for a rapidly moving field where the organising team cannot predetermine what needs to be discussed, creating a space where every voice can be heard, from startups to industry giants.